Recruiting and Scholarship Guide - Women's Cross Country


Recruiting and Scholarship Guide - Women's Cross Country


Since 1990 Athletic Guide Publishing has been the ultimate reference for players, parents, counselors, educational consultants, coaches and administrators as they investigate both scholarship and non-scholarship college athletic opportunities.

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260 pages • 5.35” x 8.35” • 11 oz

Author - Aynsley M. Smith, R.N., Ph.D.

Power Play provides detailed information that will assist players, coaches and parents to gain a better understanding of the concepts and strategies to improve Mental Toughness, and as a result, increase the player’s enjoyment of the game.

“A coach must be part teacher, administrator, father, recruiter, physiologist, strategist, scholar, evaluator, motivator and psychologist. Knowledge is essential in all these areas and with today’s athlete, an understanding of sports psychology is imperative. Aynsley Smith’s Power Play is an invaluable tool for any coach and a practical aid for any player in developing mental toughness skills. I have used the material in Power Play with every team I’ve coached.”

Kevin Constantine,

Head Coach,

Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames & San Jose Sharks

“The principles and exercises in Power Play have benefitted me both professionally and with the Olympic teams. Power Play will greatly enhance all players’ mental preparation and development in hockey.”

Jim Johannson, US Olympic Hockey Team

“I think Power Play, by Aynsley Smith, is one of the most practical books written on mental preparation for practices and games. It is based on a great deal of experience with hockey players and teams. Practical examples, exercises and diagrams make it easy for coaches and players to learn about accepting responsibility, gaining control of our own destiny, setting long and short term goals, improving confidence, relaxing, and rehearsing mentally. It is a good book for coaches and players at every level. I think it should be required reading for all coaches.”

Dr. Jack Blatherwick, Sports Physiologist, USA Hockey