Prep Hockey Hockey Guide 2012-13 Edition

ISBN 978-1-60179-129-0

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Editor - Thomas Keegan



The Prep School Hockey Guide has been completely revised for the 2012-13 season. It provides extensive information on boarding school ice hockey programs for both boys and girls in the United States and Canada. The Guide includes a full page of information describing each school including tuition, financial aid and important deadline information for prospective student-athletes. Articles by counselors, advisors, consultants and coaches provide inside information and advice for prospective boarding school student athletes. Providing hockey recruiting, marketing, exposure and scholarship information for male and female hockey players since 1990. Counseling and consulting along with college and prep school coach articles and Q & A for players, parents, coaches, college counselors and educational consultants. Learn when and where coaches recruit and what they seek in prospective hockey players. Learn which skills camps, exposure camps and showcases attract coaches that want players like you. Learn marketing and exposure techniques that will get you noticed, recruited and selected. Seminars are available for teams, associations and leagues and private consulting is available for players and families. The guides are updated throughout the year to insure that school, coach and program contact information is current and correct.

"The College Hockey Guide is a must for the high school age  player searching for the right mix of academics and hockey at the college level."

Jerry York, Head Coach, Boston College

Use this valuable resource to discover:

• when and where coaches regularly scout and recruit

• what traits and qualities coaches seek in prospective players

• what coaches recommend for maximum exposure and development

• scholarship and financial aid availability by college

• roster analysis by age, grade, size and last level of play

• admission requirements, application and aid deadlines

• coach address, phone, fax, e-mail and hockey web site